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Remanufacture your Allen-Bradley equipment

Remanufacture your equipment to increase your productivity. By choosing remanufacturing you can upgrade your equipment, minimise waste and increase production.

Achieve the following benefits through remanufacturing

Lektronix Remanufacturing
  • Replacement of inoperative / aged parts with Original Equipment Manufacturer specified components
  • Firmware upgraded to highest revision available
  • Functional / load testing
  • Unit fully cleaned and damaged case parts replaced
  • Extend equipment life
  • Improve Business Margins
  • Increased equipment resale value
  • Increased sustainability

Take a look around our UK Remanufacturing and exchange distribution centre and see how we remanufacture and test to original OEM production systems.

Remanufacturing video

The following equipment types and part numbers are a small example of the equipment we remanufacture on a regular basis.

Industrial PCs & HMIs Servo Drives Drives PLC
Allen-Bradley 2711-B5A8 Allen-Bradley 4100-234 Allen-Bradley 22C-D105A103 Allen-Bradley 1747-L552
Allen-Bradley 2711-K5A5 Allen-Bradley 2094-BM01-S Allen-Bradley 20F1ANC302JN0NNNNN/A Allen-Bradley 1785-L40B / E
Allen-Bradley 2711-T6C10L1 Allen-Bradley 1394-SJT10-T-RL. Rev A Allen-Bradley 20F11NC104JA0NNNNN/A Allen-Bradley 1747-L551 / B
Allen-Bradley 2711-T10C8 Allen-Bradley 2094-BC01-M01-S Allen-Bradley 20BC205A0AYNANC0/B Allen-Bradley 1771-NIV / B
Allen-Bradley 2711P-T6C20D8 Allen-Bradley 1394-SJT05-T-RL/A Allen-Bradley 1747-L542 B
Allen-Bradley 2711-T10C15 Allen-Bradley 1398-PDM-020 Allen-Bradley 1785-L80E / E
Allen Bradley 2711-K5A3L1 Allen-Bradley 1747-L551
Allen-Bradley 2711-K10C8 Allen-Bradley 2094-BM02-S

See how we can help you with remanufacturing your Allen-Bradley equipment.

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